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ITIL V3 Qualifications Statement
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ITIL V3 Qualifications Statement

Tue, 2007-05-01 13:50

Press Release: APM Group

The 16 strong International Examination Panel, under the leadership of Sharon Taylor, has proposed a three level structure for qualifications. The three levels are:

  • Basic Level equating to v2 Foundation
  • Management and Capability Level replacing the v2 Practitioner and Manager
  • Advanced Level.

The levels are built around the Blooms Taxonomy of learning with the Basic Level assessing an individual’s knowledge and comprehension. The Management Level assessing comprehension and application and the Advanced Level assessing application and analysis.

On behalf of the Panel Sharon Taylor presented their proposals to the Qualifications Board at a meeting on April 2nd.

The Qualifications Board were impressed by the Panel’s work and endorsed their proposals for the v3 Foundation Certificate. The Panel are now working to create sufficient questions for all three EIs (APMG, BCS and EXIN) to be able to offer the Foundation Qualification shortly after the launch of the books at the end of May. The syllabus has been provided by the EIs to their ATOs to enable course design to commence. The Panel’s recommendation is that a course should be delivered in 3 days including time for the examination. The Foundation examination will follow the same format as the v2 Foundation namely a closed book multiple-choice exam of 40 questions to be completed in 1 hour.

The other qualifications are under development and will be reviewed in detail at a full Examination Panel Meeting in London on May 3rd and 4th.

The Panel have recommended bridging qualifications to facilitate someone with a v2 qualification taking a short course to bring their knowledge in line with the improvements in v3.

Alongside the development of the qualification APMG have commissioned a trainer’s briefing product for all EIs so that ATOs can be briefed on the difference between v2 and v3. These briefings should start in early May.

Details of all qualifications and courses will be made available as development progresses from Accredited Training Organisations and can also be found on the relevant pages for each of the EIs at,,

Further information on ITIL v3 is available at

Richard Pharro, The APM Group

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